K3003 Reference Class In-Ear Headphones, with AKG DD and Knowles BA Drivers



  • Balanced armature (BA) drivers present high audio performance and acoustic efficiency for more sound from less power.
  • By changing the sound-tuning filters, you can adjust for 2 sound-output preferences directly into your ear.
  • Driver configuration : 3-way, Hybrid technology, 1 dynamic driver + 2 balanced armature drivers
  • Input impedance: 8 Ohm (with AKG dynamic drivers) or 10Ohm (with Tesla XWB drivers)
  • Sensitivity : 125dB SPL/V
  • Frequency range : 15 – 40 Khz
  • Maximum power: 15mW
  • Distortion rate: <0.5%
  • Main connection : 3.5 mm (1/8”)
  • Net weight (without cable) : 10 g (0.4 oz)
  • Cable length : 1.2 m (3′ 9”)

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This is a custom product built by Earphone DIY Labs using original AKG K3003 stainless steel shell, cable, dynamic drivers, and identical Knowles TWFK-30017 dual BA drivers. To millions of AKG faithful enthusiasts, we are bringing you an opportunity to 1:1 reproduce this legendary earbuds tagged as $1299 when it came to the market in 2012. We also provide upgrade options to Tesla XWB drivers, as the driving technologies and materials have evolved a lot in recent years. 

Choose the Assembling Option and our professionals will make it for you in 2~3 days. For more details, see the assembling service. Question about transportation? Check shipping service.  

Are you an experienced DIYer? Great! Select the All Separated Components Option and enjoy making it with your own hands.Note we won’t recommend DIY beginners to take the risk, because most components are fragile and sensitive to high temperature.  

Here are the key values:

  • Upgrade to Tesla driver to beat the original AKG K3003i
  • Upgrade to manual braided, silver plated 6N OCF cable to minimize the stereoscope effect  
  • Original Knowles TWFK-30017 dual balanced armature drivers, made in US 
  • 2 pairs of sound-tuning filters  
  • Unbeatable price – you save 80%+ budget for equal or better sound quality

Know about AKG K3003

What options can I choose from?

You can choose from 2 dynamic driver options. Note the dual balanced armature driver is mandatory and always original Knowles TWFK-30017 made in the US.

  • (1:1 AKG K3003) 9.2mm AKG 16Ohm dynamic driver with Titanium diaphragm  
  • (Upgrade option) 8mm Tesla XWB dynamic drivers, 40Ohm high impedance version with boosted sub-bass

You can choose from 2 cables:

  • Original AKG cable in 1.2m, with 3.5mm jack and fabric cover  
  • (Upgrade option) manual braided, silver plated 6N OCF cable in 1.2m, with mic and 3 button controller 

What’s in the package?

The EDL K3003 kit includes: 

  • The earbuds (1DD+2BA) with 1.2m cable, in all separated kit or assembled completely. 
  • 3 pairs of silicone ear-tips S/M/L

How does the EDL K3003 kit sound?

Equipped with the Flagship 8mm Micro-Tesla and XWB driver

This is a 8mm driver powered by Mirco-Tesla driving technology with Ultra Wide Bandwidth (5~46 Khz) performance. It’s our flagship product originally used in our IE800 kit. We custom a special high impedance (40Ohm) version with low bass boosted 5dB to better complement the low-band of TWFK-30017. We proudly and highly recommend it if you are looking for the extreme experience.  Compared with the AKG 9.2mm driver, this Tesla driver has higher resolution and better airiness (+3dB at 8-9 Khz), and it has unparalleled punchy bass.

See below for the measurements using IEC711 coupler, ARTA and customized sound card. 

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Equipped with the AKG 9.2mm Titanium driver

This driver is a full-band driver with 9.2mm Titanium diaphragm. Besides K3003, AKG also uses it in single driver IEMs and Bluetooth earbuds. We recommend this driver if you are looking for original AKG K3003 sound. 

[Acoustic measurements to be updated soon.]

Step by step DIY tutorial

Before you start, please be advised that although every step looks simple in the pic, handling all the exceptions require a lot of earphone DIY experiences. Please proceed with caution!

Know about the components

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Step 1: Install the BA drivers

The BA drivers in the kit is pre-installed with frequency spliter (2.2uf capacity per Knowles spec). The BAs need to glued firmly in the housing and wired with 2 cables. Note BA drivers are with polarities and green cable in the pic is connected to the + pin.

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Step 2: Install the dynamic drivers

The edges of the housing perfectly match the shape of the 9.2mm dynamic driver. Glue the driver to the housing, wait >12h until the glue full dry and air tight. Connect the 2 wires from BA driver with the DD driver. Note DD is also with polarities and green cable in the pic is connected to the + pin.  If you have a IEC711 coupler, this is a good time to measure the frequency response and ensure channel balance.

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Step 3: Install the back cover and cable

The AKG K3003 back cover contains 3 tiny component: the stainless steel shell with AKG logo, the inner bracket and a black plastic cable pipe. Assembling them with the cable is very tricky to even experienced DIYers. We pre-install them together as shown in the pic, to save your time and risk.

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Step 4: Put the housing and back-cover together

Apply some glue at the edge of housing and push it into the back-cover and wait 24h, you get these graceful earbuds.

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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm
Choose the Dynamic Driver Unit

9.2mm AKG Titanium, 8mm Tesla XWB

Choose Assembling Option

I want all separated component and DIY, Assemble it for me

Choose a cable

AKG cable, Manually braided cable with mic and controller


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