Monster Turbine Pro Earphone DIY Kit



  • All-Metal Housings
  • Pro-Quality Supertip Eartips
  • Custom Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Driver
  • Tangle-Free Duraflex Cable
  • Heavy-Duty Strain Relief
  • Patented Magnetic FluxTube
  • 24K Gold Contacts
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This is a Monster Turbine Pro Earphone DIY Kit include following components and options. If you have concern on you skill of DIY, feel free to choose “assemble for me” option and we’ll do it for you (meaning you get a completed, brand new Turbine Pro earphone)

  • Original Monster Turbine Pro cable
  • 2 options for the shell
    • Original Turbine Shell with 2 color options – Gold or Copper 
    • Compatible shell (same quality) with 2 color options – Gold or Copper 
  • 2 options for the driver
    • Original Monster Turbine Pro dynamic drivers
    • Original Sennheiser IE800 drivers

Know about Monster Turbine Pro 

How does the kit sound with original driver?

As the kit using the original dynamic driver and cable, and the shell is of same size and shape as the original one, it sounds just like the original one:

First off, the Turbines are very sensitive to insertion depth – shove them in too far and they lose clarity and air; not far enough and bass depth drops off significantly. We  therefore provide 3 different kinds of earpads to ensure you always find one fitting you most. Sound-wise the Turbines are the epitome of a high-end dynamic IEM. When properly inserted the Turbines come reasonably close to the best earphones I’ve heard in clarity while providing a much thicker overall sound without sounding unbalanced. I was impressed with the sound of the original turbines, which provided ample bass with almost no bleed into the midrange. The Pro version follows the same philosophy while correcting the original Turbines’ biggest weakness – mediocre treble response. The Pros are also superior in other areas as well – detail, clarity, control, soundstaging, and separation all undergo improvement to varying degrees.

Bass-wise the Turbines go deeper and move more air than nearly everything else I’ve heard, sub-bass is very pronounced. The dynamic drivers do a good job of texturing the low end while providing very smooth and full-bodied bass response. They are capable of delivering poised, well-textured, and surprisingly balanced sound. Same goes for resolution, especially at the high end – the Turbines have a lot of resolving power but the overall sound is slanted towards coherency rather than resolution. The midrange is impossibly smooth and tends towards a thicker note presentation.

The Turbines are less forward and intimate but on the whole everything is properly spaced and positioned. The high end is natural and well-extended but lacks the sparkle of some BA earphones (refer to our Single BA DIY kits) , instead providing a sound that is completely free of harshness and sibilant.  

How does the kit sound with Sennheiser IE80 drivers?

As drivers taking 90% of the sound character of an earphone, the kit simply sounds like an IE80 with the bass tuner turned to max (level 5). As there are plenty of impressions of IE80, we’d share following links in case you need a reference. 

How can you trust this kit?

Email to if you want the original measurement of your KIT – we test the Frequency Response, Cumulative Spectral Decay, Burst and Energy Decay, Impulse Response using standard IEC 711 coupler, customized sound card and ARTA software – and we can offer both snapshot or raw data file.

This is the Frequency response published by InnerFidelity

And this is the FR measurement by our IEC711 coupler and notice the similarity as the original Turbine Pro. Also notice the low bass (20-50Hz) is even higher than the original one, meaning the bass sounds even heavier.

What’re in this DIY KIT? 

The KIT include everything you need to build the Turbine Pro IEM.

  1. 2 X Dynamic Driver Units – chose from 2 options per your personal flavor
  2. Original Turbine Pro cable 
  3. 3 pair of earpads 

The shell

This is the original Monster Turbine Pro shell:

Monster Turbine Pro Genuine Shell in Copper color
Monster Turbine Pro Genuine Shell in Gold color

This is the compatible shell, in same shape, good quality and cost effective.

Monster Turbine Pro Compatible Shell in Copper color
Monster Turbine Pro Compatible Shell in Gold color

The cable

5N OFC Monster Turbine Pro Cable

5N OFC Monster Turbine Pro Cable

5N OFC Monster Turbine Pro Cable
5N OFC Monster Turbine Pro Cable
5N OFC Monster Turbine Pro Cable
5N OFC Monster Turbine Pro Cable

The Genuine Monster Turbine Pro Dynamic Drivers

The Genuine Sennheiser IE80 Dynamic Drivers

10mm Sennheiser IE80 Drivers
10mm Sennheiser IE80 Drivers
10mm Sennheiser IE80 Drivers
10mm Sennheiser IE80 Drivers

OK, now how can I build it?

Refer to our IE800 product page for a course of earphone DIY – the process is almost the same. 

How if I have special requirements?

Please leave your requirements in the ordering note and we’ll handle them accordingly, or contact our service account for any issue. 

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm
Choose a Driver Unit

Original Turbine Pro drivers (8mm), Original Sennheiser IE80 drivers (10mm)

Choose Assembling Option

All assembled, you get a complete Turbine Pro, I want a kit and build by myself

Choose a shell

Original Turbine Shell, Compatible shell

Choose a color

Gold, Copper


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