Black Walnut Wood Headphone Shell for 50mm Drivers with 3.5mm Cable, Model B9


  • Unibody Brazilian Roasewood wood, handcrafted and with complex process, giving the headphone a taste of antiquity.
  • Designed for 50-40mm dynamic drivers. Over the ear and close back design work together to give you exceptional bass quality
  • AKG 701 style stainless steel headband 
  • The size of the acoustic membrane directly impacts sound quality. Measuring 50mm, this acoustic membrane is 25% larger than other regular headphones, creating a sound with an exceptional bass
  • Comfortably fit your head and free to wear more convenient. The headphones speaker can be rotated not only left and right 360° but also up and down 180° degrees, whether left or right ear can be free to adjust the rotation
  • Passive noise canceling by the protein leather ear pads sit perfectly on your ears. They are comfortable enough for all-day use but fit snugly enough to isolate outside noise. It also has padding in the top, making it extremely comfortable

Optional option:

  • 3.5mm interchangeable cable, made from 6N OCC, length 1.2m

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Introduction and how to order

This is a genuine Brazil Rosewood headphone, close shell design with 50mm drivers. You can pick different hi-end drivers based on your personal flavor and our professions will custom it for you in 1~2 days. the kit come with a very durable 1.5m interchange cable with 3.5mm jack. We also provide an 6N OCC 1.2m cable as an upgrade option. If you want to get your hands dirty to build and tune it from scratch, you can choose a separated component Kit and enjoy the fun of DIY, and save $15 budget.

To summarize all the options  

  • The genuine Rosewood headphone shell, close shell design with 50mm housing – mandatory option and note it’s an empty shell w/o drivers in it 
  • 1.5m interchange cable with 3.5mm jack – free and always included 
  • 6N OCC 1.2m cable – optional if you want an upgrade, see Driver Options
  • 50mm drivers – optional and see Driver options
  • DIY or let our professions make it for you – optional and see Assembling Options

Product pictures

Internal structure 

The upgrade cable

1.2m 6N OCC Interchange cable with 3.5mm gold plated jack. 

50mm walnut wooden headphone shell B5

50mm walnut wooden headphone shell B5

The drivers

We offer 2 hi-end 50mm drivers:
  • Titanium Diaphragm Driver Units, AKG 701 Sound Style, details see product page.50mm Titanium Diaphragm, AKG 701 Sound Style Driver Unit
  • AKG K518 Headphone Dynamic Drivers, details see product page.

    50mm AKG headphone drivers


 Important NOTE
  1. This an empty headphone shell without drivers installed for DIY purpose. It can NOT work directly as regular earphones you may purchased elsewhere.
  2. Enjoy but proceed with caution in your DIY project! Any modification on the shell or its accessories would make you lost our post-sale support or refund. 

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 15 cm
Cable Options

An extra 1.2m 6N OCC Interchange cable, Default factory cable

Assembling Options

Make it for me, I want shell and drivers separated and DIY

Driver Options

50mm AKG K701 style, 50mm Original AKG K518, No driver


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