Grado PS1000e Professional Over-Ear Open Back Headphone and DIY Kit

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  • Transducer type Dynamic
  • Operating principle Open air
  • Frequency response 5 – 50,000Hz
  • Impedance 32 ohms
  • Driver matched dB .05 dB
  • Original Grado PS1000e drivers, fine tuned identically in original sound character
  • Original Grado PS1000e metal cups and tone-wood clad
  • Original Grado PS1000e cup holders (brackets) made of high quality stainless steel and aluminum 
  • Upgrade cable, 6N OFC, manually braided 8 cores with carbon fiber enhance 3.5mm jack
  • Genuine leather headband, can be upgrade to Hermes Zermatt Leather made in France, in black and brown (see more details and link to order separately) .
  • High quality Grado G/S/L cushions
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This headphone is built with original Grado PS1000e drivers, cups and acoustic components, and 100% reproducing PS1000e sound! PS1000e is a $1,700 premium price product with the finest wooden + aluminum alloy cups. It is an open-backed design to give audio professionals the security of consistent response throughout the frequency range. Also the cups look shinning and awesome! 

Choose the Assembling option and our professionals will make it for you in 2~3 days. See the assembly service for more details.  Are you an experienced headphone maker? Great! Choose the All Separated Components Option and enjoy making it with your own hands. With basic soldering and gluing skills, you can easily get audiophile sound quality. See the last section for DIY tutorials. 

Know about Grado Labs PS1000e

Grado Labs PS1000e got 5/5 all star rating on What’s Hi-Fi (Review):

The PS1000es are an open-backed design of course, because that’s what Grado has always favored. Even the company’s brand new wireless offerings, the GW100s, follow the same principle. That’s a surprising engineering choice for such a product when you consider the amount of environmental sound that gets in, let alone the almost unhindered way the music being played leaks out.

There’s an upside though, and it’s a big one. An open-backed design does away with the enclosure behind the drive unit and, with it, all the resonances and reflections that are part and parcel of such a configuration. The result, all things considered, should be a better, more articulate sound – on paper at least.

The earpieces on the PS1000es use an inner core made of handcrafted, specially cured mahogany, while the outer housing is made of chrome-plated aluminium. The combination of the two materials results in a well-damped, low resonance platform for the new 50mm drive unit to work from.

Grado’s engineers have worked hard on this driver, refining the voice coil and diaphragm to improve responsiveness and accuracy…

Package list 

The DIY kit is pre-assembled as displayed in the product pics, including:

  • 2 X original Grado PS1000e premium tone-wood clad with metal alloy cups
  • 2 X original Grado PS1000e drivers with covers
  • 2 X cup holders (brackets) made from stainless steel and aluminum 
  • 2 X G-Cushions, 2 X S-Cushions and 2 X L-Cushions
  • Genuine leather headband in black, or upgrade to Hermes Zermatt Leather made in France, in black and brown (see more details and link to order separately) .
  • 6N OFC, silver plated, 8 cores hi-end cable with carbon fiber enhanced 3.5mm jack and Y splitter

Detailed product pictures

Cups and cup holders

The cups, pre-installed with the ring bracket and front cover (driver housing).

Drivers with covers 

The original 44mm PS1000e drivers, tuned in original sound character.

Upgrade cable

Hi-end 6N OFC, 8core cable in 2m (1.6m from 3.5mm jack to Y spliter) with carbon-fiber enhanced jacks and spliter.


The PS1000e headphone kit is heavy (~500g) and we highly recommend the 2 types of genuine leather headbands. These are the best one we can offer – hand made with 3 layers of Hermes Zermatt Leather made in France, in black and brown (see more details and link to order separately) .

Here is the standard model which is more close to Grado PS1000e original headband, and also made from high quality genuine leather (link to order separately). It is also with more foams padding and softer. 

Genuine Leather Grado Headband, Compatible with GS, PS and more Hi-End Series
Genuine Leather Grado Headband, Compatible with GS, PS and more Hi-End Series

Grado G/L/S Cushions

DIY tutorial

Follow following steps with basic electronic knowledge and soldering skills, you can assemble this kit in 1h. 

Step 1, wire the cable to the cups

Knot the cable inside the cup to prevent it sliding out of it. 

Step 2, solder cable to the drivers

Note the driver is with polarities. the red dotted pin is the positive one. Make sure the soldering point is strong and stable. 

Step 3, glue the drivers to the cups 

You may use any instant dry glues as long as it works with wood and plastic.  

Step 4, install cups to the headband 

Step 5, finally put earpads on, enjoy it! 

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 15 cm
Choose a headband

Handmade Italian leather in brown, Handmade Italian leather in black, Genuine leather in black

Choose a ring cup holder color

Silver, Black

Choose assembling option

Keep component separated and DIY, Assemble it for me

1 review for Grado PS1000e Professional Over-Ear Open Back Headphone and DIY Kit

  1. crappyretweeter (verified owner)

    This is a spectacular headphone. It’s also a great example of how to do customer service right. What happens if you get something that doesn’t quite work right? It happened to me. So I contacted EDL support email. I couldn’t get the issue to show up on camera. This was an expensive item. EDL responded by just sending me a new one, free, that works perfectly.

    Defects happen. It happened to me. It’s really important to know what happens if you get a defective item. If they don’t do anything about it, you’re stuck. But they did. And it made it so that the risk of getting a problem item is zero, because if you do, customer support is happy to help.

    And did I mention that this has utterly sensational sound? It beats my Sennheiser HD 650 by a mile. The HD 650 is well known for having amazing sound. The EDL Grado PS1000e is cheaper, and way, way, better. Truly next level audiophile gear.

    • Earphone DIY Labs Service team

      Thanks crappyretweeter so much! It’s our great honor and appreciate you patient for waiting the replacement 🙂

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