Original Grado GS3000e 50mm Driver Units, 1 Pair/2 Pcs

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50mm Original Grado Labs GS3000e Drivers

  • Frequency 4-51,000Hz
  • Impedance 32Ohm +/- 5%
  • Maximum input power: 50mW
  • SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB

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This is a pair of Grado GS3000e headphone driver units, brand new and original product of Grado Labs with 50mm diameter diaphragm. The GS3000e is the finest wooden headphone Grado Labs has built to date, and the retail price is $1,400.

We have 2 options for DIYers: Drivers only and drivers with original GS3000e cover installed.

Worries about how to reproduce original Grado GS3000e sound character? See the DIY suggestions for simple and ensured fine tuning instructions! Or select the Fine Tune option to let our professionals do it for you, totally free! 

GS3000e driver
GS3000e driver




GS3000e driver with cover
GS3000e driver with cover
Driver backend with pin definitions
Driver backend with pin definitions

We recommend using them for DIY with our GS3000e headphone kit, as replacement for GS3000e drivers, or upgrade Grado mid/low-end headphones with 50mm drivers for premium sound quality.

Know about Grado Labs GS3000e

The GS3000e is the finest wooden headphone Grado Labs has built to date. Using Cocobolo for the first time in a large-body housing, this Grado has some of the richest sound. Cocobolo is found in Central America, and just like the music there, is teeming with texture and emotion. What was discovered from using this wood in the GH2 and the flagship phono cartridge siblings, the Epoch and Aeon, has been brought over to the Statement Series process for the first time. This is the fullest single body of Cocobolo we have ever built, and the GS3000e is the perfect fit for it. Being the first Statement Series headphone to use Cocobolo, Grado carefully tuned the 50mm signature drivers to not only take advantage of the larger soundstage, but to also embrace the deep and impactful musical character of this unique wood. Cocobolo continues to be one of the family’s favorite woods to work with.




See below for the frequency response of original GS3000e. See more detailed measurements at High-end headphones GRADO GS3000e Flash Review

And here is the comparison between GS2000e and GS3000e. Note GS2000e is a little bit (+5dB) bassy than GS3000e.

DIY suggestions (Sound fine tune)

Headphone drivers need to be fine tuned based on the acoustic structure of the headphone shells, etc. Normally it requires special expertise and professional instruments.

Grado headphone shell is fully open and makes the tuning very easy and straightforward. Following 2 step you will get 100% GS3000e sound reproduced!

Step 1, locate the 2 holes (in red circles) at the back side of the driver. they are covered by the black gauze.

Step 2, remove the black gauze on the 2 holes and you get below. You can use the tip of your soldering icon to burn it open, but be very careful not to hurt the diaphragm down below!  If you want more bass, you can open up the 3rd hole between the 2 holes.

We highly recommend using this driver with our GS2000e and GS3000e DIY kits to 100% reproduce the sound. See the product pages for DIY tutorials.


Note: the dynamic drivers have been paired to ensure sound and quality fully balanced between right and left channels. Therefore we don’t offer single unit.  

Soldering: overheated (>250 degree C) soldering iron or overtime soldering (>2s) may permanently damage the driver. Please managed down both in your DIY. 

  • Installation: the driver has Sintered NdFeB Magnetic inside with extremely strong attraction power. Damage may caused by attracting anything hitting the fragile diaphragm. 
  • Others: applying high-voltage, storing in high temperature/humidity environment… all may cause unrecoverable damage. 

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm
Select driver cover

Driver only, Driver with original GS3000e cover installed

Sound fine tune

Fine tuned for GS3000e shell, Original driver

2 reviews for Original Grado GS3000e 50mm Driver Units, 1 Pair/2 Pcs

  1. Herman (verified owner)

    I took a chance on drivers that cost more than any headphones I ever own, and I’m impressed. I purchase the ones with the GS3000e Covers and I fine-tuned them myself to GS3000E shell by punching the holes in the back of the driver. I started with one hole then added a second hole to get the sound I wanted. I’ve never heard the original Grado GS3000E headphones, but these drivers sounds better than anything in my collection. I installed it in a Grado Style Metal Headphone Upgrade kit that I got off eBay. The frequency response is incredible and is easy to drive due to its low impedance and sensitivity of 99.8db, you don’t need and headphone amp, but it’s still recommended to get the most out of these drivers. I’m hearing things in my music that I never heard before. These drivers are naturally warm with great detail and is highly resolving, while retaining the Grado House Sound. Soundstage is very wide, and Imaging is accurate. They sound good in most Genres of music including EDM and Hip-hop which they normally perform as well, and sound great in Rock, Pop, Metal, Vocals, Jazz and Classic etc.

  2. hihaba4012 (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase from earphineDIYlabs and it arrived safely. I have made DIY headphones with about 20 different drivers and this product is one of the best drivers. I highly recommend this driver.

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